Our Story

Doku products are ethically sourced, printed with eco-friendly dyes and readily biodegradable so has a very low environmental impact. Combining experimental marks and traditional illustration methods, each print is hand-illustrated & designed using mixed media techniques. Our patterns tell stories about daily life, lucid dreamscapes, vivid memories, and hidden beauties in nature. They are designed for adventurous, playful and bold humans. 

Deniz Ayaz Doku Founder

In 2020, the creator behind the brand Deniz Ayaz founded doku to fulfill her long-awaited dream. She has a background in illustration and visual design. Deniz has always been fascinated by detailed landscapes, and whimsical patterns found in nature. Over the past few years, she has worked on a range of patterns and prints, experimenting with different mediums and mostly her favorites - watercolor and ink. The playful and the unknown aspect of the creative process is what drives her to do more and touch people.



Doku means texture in Turkish. Texture stimulates two different senses: sight and touch. It can also be imaginary. We can imagine how silk feels. Doku is aiming to portray imaginary scenes and glimpses of life reformed in the softest high-quality fabrics.



We invest in waste reduction and avoid the use of unnecessary plastic throughout our value chain. Each doku scarf comes in an organic cotton bag and is designed to be reused or recycled.



We aim to build awareness and encourage our customers to join us on this journey of going green and giving back. That's why we plant a tree per each purchase through One Tree Planted
“I believe that the beauty of repetition is something that is not explored enough yet.” 
Keren Ann